Most of the knowledge we have has been learned from someone.

That’s why I created this blog: to share relevant and useful information with other people. There are several IT blogs but most of them are either very technical or too “marketing”, there is a gap for those who initially want to get an idea about solutions without wanting to dissect them from the start.

The objective of this is to describe, through short articles, the interests of certain IT solutions by highlighting the real advantages observed by customers. It will allow you to quickly get an idea of ​​the relevance of a solution for a given context.

Of course, in the articles I only discuss the solutions that I offer to my clients. The articles have for form the question “why” and / or “in what”, why should I choose this solution and how it will answer my problems. Basically, the articles are technical but simplified as much as possible so as to get an idea without requiring too many prerequisites. This is the eye of the generalist SE (Systems Engineer: Pre-Sales), having a vision of technical solutions interlocking together to respond to one or more customer issues.

To write my simplified articles, I have to test certain products. It’s very time consuming especially when I have issue with the environment to setup. I do a lot of research on the Internet to see if any posts give tips, but sometimes you have to try other things. This is why I created a Technical Tips section, I will post a summary of the results of my research that could help other people. The Eye of the SE (L’Oeil du SE in French) is a personal blog and the articles published reflect my personal point of view only and not necessarily those of the company I work for or for those where I have worked.